Who Are We?

The #PowerOurPlanet Podcast is a Bi Weekly upload and daily live-stream with co host Stanford Reid & Richard Rospel, they discuss life abroad, music, philosophy, relationships and many other fun and meaningful topics. It aired its first episode on May 4th, 2020 in the midst of a world wide quarantine due to the Covid19 crisis, but the seeds for this podcast where planted long before daily schedules got interrupted by unforeseen circumstances.

Reid, a life long musician and Baltimore, ML native, has been living in Vietnam since 2017, prior to going abroad he was living in New York City hosting weekly #POP open jams that where well received. He started #POP in 2015 after his fathers medical equipment stopped working due to a power outage caused by a massive hurricane. This major event lead to Reid learning about the simple science behind many of the environmental problems we face today and their solutions, thus forming #POP!

What began as platform to launch a creative innovations company, has become a force that has inspired many artist and creators by providing a safe and open environment for them to share their hearts and art with appreciated appreciators.

Richard, a Sanford, FL native attended Pyramind Inc. in San Francisco for music production, graduating late 2016 and began traveling in and around Asia early 2017, he’s been living as a digital nomad since then, currently residing in Cambodia.

Life caused the path’s of Reid & Richard to cross spring of 2017 in Sihanoukville, Cambodia and since then although separated by thousands of miles at times the two have kept in regular contact. This correspondence became the #PowerOurPlanet Podcast.